Walking on the Moon

Walking on the Moon

I have been there.  I have walked on the moon (lolz).  Ah, memories (good ones).  Yes, my feet floated once…..I know the feeling….it was a giant step.

In case you are wondering, the previous article on the “Moonshot” led to this three hour documentary which is excellent. Which brought to mind what a elder bro told me in my youth…man has not been to the moon…

Thus saith the LORD, The heaven is my throne, and the earth is my footstool...(Isa 66:1)

Callous youths that we were we dismissed his assertions, turns out he was a critical thinker who even revised his outlook on the Apocalypse and broke free of the constraints of dogma. God has truly blessed me to find the people I needed when I needed them to help me progress my walk of faith.

American Moon (3:00)