Walking on the Moon

Walking on the Moon

I have been there.  I have walked on the moon (lolz).  Ah, memories (good ones).  Yes, my feet floated once…..I know the feeling….it was a giant step.

In case you are wondering, the previous article on the “Moonshot” led to this three hour documentary which is excellent. Which brought to mind what a elder bro told me in my youth…man has not been to the moon…

Thus saith the LORD, The heaven is my throne, and the earth is my footstool...(Isa 66:1)

Callous youths that we were we dismissed his assertions, turns out he was a critical thinker who even revised his outlook on the Apocalypse and broke free of the constraints of dogma. God has truly blessed me to find the people I needed when I needed them to help me progress my walk of faith.

American Moon (3:00)



Gene Therapy

Gene Therapy

A few months ago you were de-platformed or censored for mentioning that the vaccines were gene therapy.  Now they freely admit it.

Stefan Oelrich (Bayer); “mRNA vaccines are gene therapy” (1 min)


Moonshot is Biden’s cancer campaign in which he promotes the mRNA platform as the cure for cancer and talks about collecting big data.  The Covid virus has increased cancers hugely as has the vaccine (transfection) and now they are offering to cure it?   This was the agenda all along.  Experimenting with gene therapy and collecting data.


This does not seem so far fetched now does it?  Remember that they cloned Dolly the sheep in 1996 and we have come a long way in 28 years.