UFO Drug Mass Initiation Ceremonies

UFO Drug Mass Initiation Ceremonies

Sarah Westall and I Talk about the fraud of quantum mechanics, and UFO Drug Mass Initiation Ceremonies

What do UFOs, drugs, and mystery sects have to do with the breakdown of the financial system? In this episode of the Sarah Westall Show, I was invited to discuss my research on the subversion of Keplerian science and the emergence of a new occultism masquerading as science during the 20th century AND how all of this ties into the UFO disclosure movement.

Kabbalah Occultism and the NWO

Kabbalah Occultism and the NWO

Links between Maverick Recording and Epstein…Kabbalah and Zionism. The Illuminati and the Occult run Hollywood and the Music Industry. Note how many artists have one eye covered in all the pictures.

2:36 Boaz and Achin (Joachin) the pillars of Solomon’s temple.

2:52 The storm isn’t in the air it is inside of us = the cytokine storm

3:40 Madonna with Bibi

3:56 equation of technocrats and their bio-engineering as the new gods –
They think of themselves as Prometheus or Nephelim

4:53 Kabbalah and Tree of Life – from Babylon

7:51 Spock

11:23 Crypto and Ripple (XRP) or “X”
11:34 Supported by Madonna with “x” eye patch logo
11:44 Musk names son “X”