Whistleblowers and Protesters

Whistleblowers and Protesters

Is this true or propaganda? The UK minister (forgot his name but he looks like the Satanist LaVey) is asked a question about Placebos in Parliament and responds that recipients will be treated as if they were “vaccinated”.

Chief Nurse Slovenia tells of Vaccine Codes Kill-shot Number 3 (3 min)

Scott Morrison The AHA Report Confirms the Jab is Murder (8 min)

Piers and team confront Chris Whitty about his culpability in the cv scam (10 min)

Piers Corbyn is the elder brother of former Labor Leader Jeremy Corbyn who got in trouble for not doing enough about supposed antisemitism in the party.  Corby associated with Paul Eisen (the self-hating Jew lolz) , the self-professed Holocaust denier he wrote the article “Jewish Power” which now resides on many sites, one of the more prominent ones being RighteousJews.org, specifically: http://www.righteousjews.org/article10.html.

Piers is a graduate with a first class BSc degree in physics from Imperial College London (the one Neil Ferguson attended)  in 1968 and a postgraduate MSc in astrophysics from Queen Mary College, University of London, in 1981. He ran a weather forecasting channel is a businessman, activist, anti-vaxxer, climate denier, conspiracy theorist, humanitarian and all round good egg.  Here they are trying to question Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitey.



UK Column News – 9th September 2020

UK Column News – 9th September 2020

An excellent report.  Key take away is that  Britain is undergoing regionalism or fragmentation which is EU policy which pretends to be about devolving power while actually centralizing power.  It is clear that BREXIT is in name only because the wider EU agenda continues unabated particularly the unification of EU defense forces.

Another takeaway is the ongoing economic destruction in advance of the reset.  People will have to learn to adjust.

The G7 have reached narrative agreement on the Novochock  poisoning of the opposition figure. However, if their anti-Russian rhetoric is not science based or truth based then what is it good for?

All these changes are being driven by the behavioral insights team and their use of psychology to nudge and manipulate people.