Hold the line

Hold the line

Mandates are being reversed in many countries. It is only a matter of time and the truth will be exposed.  They cannot hide it indefinitely.  Vaccine injury databases like VAERS have often been dismissed with remarks like “anyone can fill in a VAERS report.  That is patently untrue , however, we have another database that is strictly controlled -namely the military database. The military even have their own doctors etc. and now whistleblowers have come forward and leaked the shocking data.  The whistleblowers are not anonymous, they are military personnel with access to the data and they have been offered legal protection for their testimony.  The military is trying to cover up the deaths and injuries.  This is corruption and malfeasance of the highest order.

Whistleblowers and Protesters

Whistleblowers and Protesters

Is this true or propaganda? The UK minister (forgot his name but he looks like the Satanist LaVey) is asked a question about Placebos in Parliament and responds that recipients will be treated as if they were “vaccinated”.

Chief Nurse Slovenia tells of Vaccine Codes Kill-shot Number 3 (3 min)

Scott Morrison The AHA Report Confirms the Jab is Murder (8 min)

Piers and team confront Chris Whitty about his culpability in the cv scam (10 min)

Piers Corbyn is the elder brother of former Labor Leader Jeremy Corbyn who got in trouble for not doing enough about supposed antisemitism in the party.  Corby associated with Paul Eisen (the self-hating Jew lolz) , the self-professed Holocaust denier he wrote the article “Jewish Power” which now resides on many sites, one of the more prominent ones being RighteousJews.org, specifically: http://www.righteousjews.org/article10.html.

Piers is a graduate with a first class BSc degree in physics from Imperial College London (the one Neil Ferguson attended)  in 1968 and a postgraduate MSc in astrophysics from Queen Mary College, University of London, in 1981. He ran a weather forecasting channel is a businessman, activist, anti-vaxxer, climate denier, conspiracy theorist, humanitarian and all round good egg.  Here they are trying to question Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitey.



Covid Report

Covid Report

This is a very good report and examines all aspects:
















For the Global Report click here

 As a compliment we give the latest evidence from the HighWire demonstrating that we are dealing with social engineering not with disease prevention.


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It is satisfying when you find that all your “conspiracy theories” are actually “conspiracy facts”.   Many people are suffering “information overload” and just switch off for their own sanity.  This is what they want you to do.  They put so much disinformation in the news and the news cycle is so fast that you cannot keep up.  Most people just switch off (which is understandable).   The other thing is the constant renaming of all the “terrorist” fighters in Syria.  Who the hell can figure out what is going on?  It becomes an alphabet soup.  They thrive in the confusion.

Don’t be distracted

As Karl Rove said…they create reality.  Of course, that is utter hubris.  What he means is that they can lie and reshape history (propaganda) because “might is right”.









Well buddy, I have got a new reality for you.  The internet and citizen journalists, together with whistle-blowers are exposing the truth.  We urge readers to latch onto facts and follow them through. Do not be distracted by the noise…that is what they want.

The Deep State is being exposed

The “deep state” is one of those “conspiracy terms”.  The problem is that is was not coined by some tin-foil nutter but by the outgoing US president Eisenhower who warned that the nation guard against the potential influence of the military–industrial complex  (MIC).   The “deep state” is the secret cooperation between politicians and the MIC.   That does not mean that the complete military or complete government is captured; however, it means that elements in the  intelligence services and elements within corporations,military, politics do have a secret agenda.  It is a secret form of fascism.  It is complete and utter corruption.  It is nice to see alternative media like the UK column coming to similar conclusions (see screen shot below):












We have embedded the video from the timestamp of 20:28 and urge you to watch until the end as it also exposes the weapons running into Syria.  [Time-stamp:    https://youtu.be/5QB4XrH02lQ?t=1128 ].  The video references the following alternative news site (also very good); https://21stcenturywire.com/


Another useful channel is George Webb.  George Webb is the citizen journalist who discovered a key fact witness and evidences to the famous “DNC Hack” that has not yet been publicized in MSM. He has led a group of online researchers for two years that has added evidence daily to the DNC blackberries and damaged DNC hard drives he discovered at the home of DCCC staffer and close adviser to the DNC, Imran Awan. Here is a monthly timeline of the best summary videos in this first of  its kind, investigative journalist effort. Three Year Summary Of George Webb Channel.


The Christian and Politics

I have recently heard it said “that is politics”  as if to say….change the subject as Christians we don’t want to talk about that.  Yet these same Christians are quick to use politics to support their “prophetic interpretation”.  The problem is that they make themselves look ridiculous as they get both the politics and the bible interpretation WRONG.  As a Christian I do not vote.  I do not support a political party. My allegiances lie elsewhere.  However, I will not hesitate to call out egregious, corrupt behavior  – Jesus and John the Baptist did the same.  Jesus called out the behavior of the “money-changers” (banks and the elite) and the Baptist called out their political hypocrisy.  Both men were murdered for their troubles.    So I will continue to speak out and will not be silenced.  You think being a “good Christian” means sitting silently in a corner and waiting to be rescued? (LOL).

What is happening with Trump in the USA has implications for the Middle East.  There is a very corrupt cabal who have been running weapons etc (also in the UK) and using proxies to destabilize the Middle East.   Democrat politicians are deeply involved in the muck and it is linked to Soros and the Ukraine and other east European countries.  Trump wants to avoid another war and the deep state is frustrating him because all their dirt is being exposed.  That said, Trump himself is an Anglo-Zionist.    There are no good outcomes here except for the return of Jesus Christ and honest global government.