Australian Constitution

Australian Constitution

Darren and Tim discussing all matters Constitutional, The Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901.He calls Albo- “Elbow-sleazy” I take credit for the tweet names Albo-sleazy (and Scum-Mo), which must have caught on, but he has innovated (lolz).

Interesting stuff discussed at about 40 mins:

Darren Bergwerf and Tim Dwyer 30/06/2023 (1:13)

Interesting comment under the video:

Had an argument with the PEO regarding the legitimacy of councils to act as a 3rd tier of government, and that both state and federal governments have also been pushing that narrative. I stated that we the people voted against constitutional recognition of ‘local government’,…..their response was “So? The Prime Minister isn’t recognised in the constitution either, yet we have one”. As far as the Victorian Constitutions (we have the 2, because they failed to repeal the first, when the second was created)… you would think, that the more recent constitution, would actually be null and void, because the first one is still in effect.

Australia Should Be Energy Independent, So Why Does This Idiot Continue To Blame Russia? (1:09)

Death of cash?

Death of cash?


Do you see it yet?

Hang on to your britches….the final stage of their master plan is about to be unleashed on the dull, brainwashed masses.   The Pope is repatriating all assets back to the Vatican and changing the constitution.  Do you see it yet?


The Queen is dead

The Queen is dead

The queen is dead…long live the King (not).  I distinctly remember a “prophetic” explanation about the “Queen of Sheba” being alive and laying her crown at the feet of the Christ (Ooops).  I thought that was nonsense at the time.  Never forget that she was a big part of the Cabal and her daughter in-law Dianne was murdered (Charles breathed a sigh of relief as it was very convenient for him).  I don’t think the royals were directly involved but someone did them a favor.

Now that she is gone (conveniently as we approach crunch time) the man who would be King and who has been in waiting all his life for “his turn” gets to be King.   Like his father Philip he thinks that humanity is a virus. He is fully onboard with the WEF agenda and the Great Reset. He is a completely nutty environmentalist whose father helped fund the WWF but that did not stop Philip hunting and shooting animals all over the world.  Rules for thee but not for me.  These people will never suffer shortage or lack while they lecture you.  Unlike the true King they never suffered along with humanity.

All deaths are sad, especially of unrepentant sinners. We will all face our own judgement day. The only King that I have is Jesus Christ crucified as the King of the Jews.


Right Royal Mess

Right Royal Mess

Normally I could not care less about the Royals and I am no “Royal Watcher” but I do remember the death of Dianna as I was working a night shift in the UK and the accident was reported on the radio news. We heard it all unfold and when I arrived home next morning I told my wife that Diana had died.  I always had my suspicions.   The next two videos put the Royal Family in the context of the real powerRothschild and Mossad.  These videos come from Brendon O’Connell and I place his comments etc with each video.   I had trouble viewing the first 60 Minutes video because of regional blocking but got around it by using a VPN. I have tagged this under conspiracy and NWO-Beast because we are living in one vast conspiracy.

First video and comments:

Rothschild Keeps his Networks under Control

The new scandal rocking the Royal Family amid fears for the Queen’s health | 60 Minutes Australia


The Royals are under attack…not that they need much help in falling off a cliff, they manage it so well all by themselves. But whats really going on here?

Prince Charles has been caught, allegedly, handing out “Honors” to people for cash – 1.5 million pounds. In this case to a particular Saudi tycoon. He wants UK citizenship.

Not that the Royals are easily defended – like defending the Catholic Church which are both “approved subjects of ire”, but we all know who we cannot, must not, and will not “offend” and THAT is the position you must start from.

Charles, being a Scorpio type, might have begun to think he was the boss, and future king. They say he will never be king, and Prince William is well and truly ear marked for that role as Charles is disliked by too many – especially women.

Diana was manipulative, annoying and played the crowd like a well tuned Stradivarius. Playing demure, “head tilting” submissive princess in distress was her specialty – she was no naive school girl. She baited her benefactors endlessly with a sting of high profile Muslim lovers and then the three final straw’s…she began to attack the arms industry (that alone), was being pushed onto the Palestinian issue (sheer Bi Bi panic), and there is strong suspicion she had become pregnant to Dodi Fayed – hence the ambulance sitting for 40 minutes on the side of the road to “stabilize” her [abortion] – this has never happened in the history of ambulance driving…a forty minute pull over the side of the road. Can you suggest who might have been most panicked over a much beloved high profile public figure jumping on the Palestinian bandwagon amongst other things? ‘The People’s Princess’ holding a dying Palestinian child as they bled out from the brain after being shot in the head in school, by a IDF sniper? Bi Bi’s worst nightmare, literally. Use your vivid imagination to place Princess Diana’s face in this picture and it would be all over for ‘Greater Israel’.

Whatever…Prince Phillip and Charles did not organize the hit though shed few tears –  but I have a few other suspicions. 

But lets blame the Royals anyway…and why not the Jesuits too? The ones who are so powerful they cant keep their pedophile rings out of the Jesuit controlled news media? The Jesuits…who are so powerful Italy falls apart, The Vatican begs for cash and Israel booms every time you see it in the news…of course…a cunning conspiracy dem’ Jesuits. I was gonna blame the LA Bloods and Crips for the killing of Diana. Why not? If Robert Steele was here he could come up with an excellent exciting narrative.

From Wikileaks to The Panama Papers to the new Pandora Papers and now the new Royal scandal, anyone might think Rothschild might be trying hard to keep his “network” under control?

You of course noticed that after the revelations of Epstein and Co…zero people have gone to jail? And most of the high profile people continue their highly controversial lives vaxxing the planet – Bill Gates is the head spokes person for vaxxing the planet – think about it. I mean, you did notice that? A giant pedophile enabler, running rampant for years, Bill Gates – arch enemy of the world – his number 2 island hopping lover (Bill Clinton first) and it has had ZERO effect. ZERO. Nada…nothing? I mean you did notice that? The Panama Papers…incredible revelations about anyone and everyone with managerial power and a high public profile…and and…and…nothing. 

When bonny Prince Charlies great grandmother signed the deal with the Banking House of Rothschild – East India Trading Company – they must have known they were now employees of “The Crown Corporate” and the City of London, not “The Crown”. Seems a few of them might have forgotten…hence Charles latest problems. 

Prince Andrew has found out the company you keep can get you into trouble. You’d think he would have learnt that at 16. Maybe he was trying to rediscover it at Jeffs house?

But let us go back in time a little…

In letter dated 1986 to a close friend, Prince Charles attributes Middle East unrest to the ‘influx of foreign, European Jews,’ expresses hopes ‘some US president has to have the courage to stand up and take on the Jewish lobby,’ and hints Jewish emigration to Israel is the root cause of terrorism.,7340,L-5041751,00.html

Prince Charles is a known supporter of the Arab cause. He better shut his mouth and remember who the boss is. The latest scandal should fix all that. A little “tweaking” of the system 😉

Suspicions of the Royal Family’s adversity to Israel is further  underpinned by the fact that not a single member has ever paid an  official visit to the 69-year-old country.

Oh bonny Prince Charlie! Silly boy! He’ll be bobbing his head at the wailing wall of banker penitence any time now. Remember history Charles…

The enemy of my enemy is my friend. Beware being told who the official enemy of the day, week, and year is.

Second video and comments:

78. “Who Killed Diana?” – Best and Most Rare Documentary -2005 (48 mins)

I cannot tell you the name of this documentary – the best on exposing her self evident murder.

I recorded it off the television sometime in 2005-2006.

I cannot find anything like it anywhere online and would be very interested if you can provide the name, production company etc.

After watching, if you still believe the “official accounts”, I have some swamp land in Siberia to sell you.

This is a primer for a follow up video on Prince Charles, Russian gangsters, and cash for titles scandal.

Who killed Diana? Israeli Special forces. Why? She was pro Palestinian. She was going after the arms industry. She was pro Arab (as was Charles) and about to marry a Muslim man and possibly pregnant to him. Just her pro Palestinian stance was enough to seal her fate as we see Greater Israel unfolding. Imagine “The Peoples Princess” holding a dying Palestinian child…game over Likud an Co.

As Kay Griggs told us in 1997, “The kill 5, 10, 20 people. Then they blame it on the Arabs, or they blame it on somebody else.”

Please enjoy and reflect.