Get your tin-foil hat on and get ready for some kabbalah and magic numbers and words.  Some woo-woo stuff.  Actually, he has some interesting observations and whatever you may think it is an actual belief system for some of these people. The techno-fascists and Illuminati are nuts.

Something Weird is Happening in November… (15 min)

Tempo of Change

Tempo of Change

The tempo of change is accelerating.  The Main Stream Media is purposefully distracting people and lying. Meanwhile events seem to be cascading and speeding up. It is as though we are on fast-forward  and it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep up with the pace.  And it will get worse until it becomes impossible to communicate.  I think that only about 20% of the global population is “awake” (to some extent).  I also believe that TPTB are aware (or at least partially aware) of the coming Geo-physical changes. They think they can turn it to their advantage and reform the power structure into an even more authoritarian dystopia.  They are mistaken if they think they can ride the crest of this wave because it will overwhelm even them. 

Next follows the most recent video by Dutchsinse. It is a brilliant piece of analysis and it highlights what is wrong with main stream science.  So much for “experts”.

5/27/2021 — Giant plume of moisture bursts at California Volcano Pisgah Crater – Seen on RADAR now!

View the event live still on RADAR right now as of 1215am CT May 27, 2021: https://weather.cod.edu/satrad/nexrad… Edwards AFB Nexrad RADAR station has detected a giant burst of moisture (several miles wile, not a geyser) coming from a volcanic complex in the Mojave desert of Southern California on a “clear night” with no precipitation visible to the human eye. This burst of moisture has currently (as of 10pm PST May 26, 2021),sent a cloud of moisture up from the floor of the Mojave desert, next to Pisgah volcano up to an altitude of almost 15,000 feet (certainly up to 10K feet). This is not dust, a bomb blast, or a rain storm. It starts at actual physical ground level (2000ft), it shows as moisture appearing on a clear night, and accumulation amounts of up to 0.1mm of actual precipitation. Thus ruling out explosions, dust storms, or bugs of any kind. The area now covered by the plume is almost the whole Mojave desert. This is not an eruption of ash or steam, but rather some kind of miles wide steam release , maybe not even visible from ground level except for major haze or humidity. Nothing visible showing, it appears as a “clear night” on Infrared. No heat signature, thus the steam that was released must have been “cool” by the time it reached ground level. The large cloud of *whatever it is* has spread currently now over a good portion of the Mojave desert, and even became visible as cloud tops from the LA nexrad radar (as shown in the video).


CME Impact, Grading Earth’s Field, Deep Quake Revelation | S0 News May.27.2021

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Decentralized Ledger Transfer (DLT)

The Coolest Distraction from Money

Incredible amounts of volcanic aerosols pushed into the atmosphere along with absurd volumes of smoke from run away tundra fires still burning form last year. Reflective ash and particulates for May snows and Greenland Ice build. BIS leaks that Ripple Net will be used for Derivatives market settlements. BIS worries banks will collapse in the 72 hour period from sale to settlement transfer. DLT will speed that to four seconds.

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