Galactic Disaster Trigger

Galactic Disaster Trigger (6 min)

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Christmas Blizzard Forecast – Solar Cycles And Climate – Semeru Pyroclastic Flow – La Palma Quiet (18 min)

Good show by Diamond…not just a weather forecast. Recommended.


White Christmas Forecast: Here’s Where Snow May Be This Year December thunderstorm resets the record books Western Snowpack Change Dec 6-16th Winds hit 107 miles per hour in Colorado, with more gusts on the way Softball-sized hail reported as high winds moved through Kansas GFS Model Total Snowfall Climatologists review questionable Denver snow records from the 1880’s Yearly Mean Sunspot Numbers To 1700 Winter Tornadoes Will Be 9 Times Stronger By 2099 Strong Tornadoes 1954-2018 Tornado Fatalities Since 1840 Water conservation plan looks to reverse Lake Mead’s decline ‘THE CENTER FOR COUNTERING DIGITAL HATE’ SUCCESSFULLY STRIPS ELECTROVERSE OF ITS ADVERTISING Semeru volcano (East Java, Indonesia): three pyroclastic flows reported today, Volcanic Alert Level raised to Level 3 Ruapehu volcano (North Island, New Zealand): Crater Lake is heating, fluctuating temperatures continue La Palma Seismicity Winter is coming: Researchers uncover the surprising cause of the Little Ice Age Neanderthals changed ecosystems 125,000 years ago Drawing bought for $30 at estate sale is actually worth $50 million The biggest solar X-ray flare ever is classified as X28 Near Miss: The Solar Superstorm of July 2012

Another powerful eruption of the Semeru volcano! Rivers of lava and ash, Java, Indonesia (2 min)




Ice Age 2030

Ice Age 2030

Poor Mike..he was coughing up a bit of blood but still went ahead with the broadcast. Now some scientists are predicting an ice age (the more likely scenario). Australia features at about 33 minutes.  I have started the video after the intro and it ends at about 36 min so about 30 mins length. Semeru volcano is also featured below.  As always Mike puts everything down to Geo-engineering and their can be no doubt that a lot is happening but I believe that the natural changes will overwhelm their tinkering.  The sun looks unusually white of late (not yellow) and is emitting a lot of UV and gamma radiation.

Evacuation! Houses are plunged into ash after the eruption of the Semeru volcano, Java Indonesia (2 min)

When it rains that ash sets hard like concrete.