Stupid racists

Stupid racists

If you don’t want the NWO (or should that be the JWO?) then you are either stupid or a racist and you are definitely white. Shame on you (lolz).

Marcia Langton refutes allegations of calling Australians racist and stupid, even though it’s in 4K (2 min)

This Billionaire Property Developer from Melbourne wants us all to be unemployed (1 min)

Look At What The ‘Voice to Parliament’ Architect Just Called Any Potential NO Voter (1 min)

Novak’s “Shot of the day” by Moderna (2 min)




Covid Cult

Covid Cult

We  were right about covid being a cult with the cult members “drinking the Kool Aid”  like they did in the Jungle with Jim Jones.  How else can you describe it when people are impervious to reason?   There is no common sense or critical thinking just blind fear and obedience.  I know that the powers that be (TPTB) have used behavioral psychology and Neuro Linguistic Programing but even so people must bear some responsibility.  Take this woman as an example she has alienated her whole family and killed her dog. She is so stupid she has allowed them to divide and rule. They will use politics, covid,climate and anything else to keep you from uniting so that they can usher in their N.W.O.  What this extremely stupid woman does not realize is that there will be no place for her in that order. She destroyed her family and is about to destroy her immunity.  Some people just can’t be helped.



Maybe she should get fully waxxinated, wear a mask and sit in the middle of Antarctica to avoid catching Omicron.  Oops! (loz)

Perhaps if she keeps testing she can avoid Omicron (lolz)


You mean it is not working…?? Why did no one warn me? (lolz)


But…but…the nice man on the TV told me that pharma cares about my health (lolz)

I also tagged this under humor but it is not funny. You should not mock retards.