Plasma Petroglyphs Were Warnings

Plasma Petroglyphs Were Warnings

Remembering Near-Earth plasma manifestations/displays in our ancient past through modern aurora examples… Plasma Petroglyphs (Plasmaglyphs), Petroglyphs, Earthworks, and the Megafauna Extinction This New Mexico Petroglyph Might Reveal an Ancient Solar Eclipse Searching for Rock Art Evidence for an Ancient Super Aurora Squatting (squatter) mantis man: A prehistoric praying mantis petroglyph in Iran Characteristics for the Occurrence of a High-Current, Z-Pinch Aurora as Recorded in Antiquity… Cosmic Clock Cycle (precession) Three Rivers Petroglyph Site…

Plasma Petroglyphs Were Warnings – Cosmic Catastrophe Etched In Stone – Squatterman Explained (10 min)



Plasma Special

Plasma Special

A special about the electric-plasma universe. There is something badly wrong with the current models. To sum up – science is one big gravy train of grants, reputations and pressure to publish with everyone’s snout in the trough. The models are wrong. Not only the standard astrophysical models but also climate models and worse of all the life sciences and their corrupt dual use of viral bio-warfare technologies. We are at the peak of our civilization and science has become a false god. Seems to me that man has reached his limitations and is about to destroy himself with technologies he doesn’t really understand. Maybe we are not as smart as we think. Maybe we need a little humility.

At 20 minutes ….

....we are fumbling in the dark...... afraid of losing our map.....fundamental errors....

Where is physics going? | Sabine Hossenfelder, Bjørn Ekeberg and Sam Henry (47 min)

Plasma Universe

Anthony Peratt is an influential proponent of plasma cosmology, a non-standard cosmology proposed as an alternative to the Big Bang and rejected by mainstream cosmologists. He wrote a book on the subject, was guest editor for the space plasma special editions at the IEEE journal Transactions on Plasma Science devoted primarily to plasma cosmology, and wrote some papers on the subject. He received a Ph.D in electrical engineering / plasma physics worked in Los Alamo at the Nevada Test Site nuclear testing the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and the Max Planck Institute for Physics and Astrophysics. In other words he is not some crank.  Here is his publication on petroglyphs and this webpage has great images: Peratt Instabilities, Plasma Columns,   and this is the Z-pinch.


Peratt and Petroglyphs 1 hour 20 min (2018)

This is a lecture that Peratt gave in the UK ca 2009 at Reddhill

Robert Schoch: The Catastrophic Termination of the Last Ice Age | EU2012 (10 min)

Signs in the Sky

Signs in the Sky

There is so much that they are deliberately keeping hidden.  Why would they do that?  Well the simple answer is that knowledge is power.  If you know a disaster is about to happen you can front-run it and use it to your advantage.  Remember that  time travel movie where the scientist pretending he was a god by predicting an eclipse?  The people in the know are going to use the coming disaster to emerge as rulers of the “New Age”.   At least that is what they think.   Recommended viewing:

Study Shows Tasmanian Aboriginals Witnessed the Laschamp Geomagnetic Excursion + Spectacular Auroras

First humans in Tasmania must have seen spectacular auroras Study Shows Tasmanian Aboriginals Witnessed the Laschamp Geomagnetic Excursion Known Magnetic Excursions Cosmic Geologic Clock Cycle Peratt Instabilities, Plasma Columns, Z-Pinch. The Axis Mundi