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The earth has been shaped by catastrophes (see the third video) and our ancestors survived. I agree with Diamond from Magnetic Reversal that there will be no global tsunami (but there could be massive local flooding) and that Ben Davidson has schematized his dates to fit neatly into a precise recurrent pattern. However, I believe that Ben is correct about the micro-nova. Randall Carlson is (in my opinion) a Mason.

Solar Micronova | Q and A Nov.10.2022 (10 min)

Galactic Magnetic Reversal Evidence, Stars Dim Out, Hurricane Landfall (4 min)


The Unbelievable Story of Earth’s Most Epic Flood (14 min)
Good video then they had to spoil it by talking about carbon capture and climate change at the end (after talking about catastrophe) the irony. Noah’s flood was bigger….also a similar cause (ice dam breaking at the Bosporus) due to heavy rain.  The Middle East and Africa were flooded.