Covid Update

Covid Update

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Your alternative update on #COVID19 for 2020-11-30. JHU- many Covid deaths are recategorized deaths. BoR 1688 article 5 petition




This is the biggest hoax in history and that is saying something. They need to shut down society because the internet is exposing more than a century of lies.  People are stating to see the “hidden hand” that has shaped history.   The wars, the pandemics the assassinations, the propaganda….all the lies.   They cannot afford to lose their grip on power.  For them this is all or nothing.  There is no turning back.  They have to make this work.

They know that huge earth changes are coming and that Grow Zones are shifting. They have decided to exploit that and make it worse (cf. Holdomor).  they will offer food rationing and synthetic food.  A kind of slavery in exchange for obedience.  They are conditioning you to line up at the shops and you will only be given food and/or money if you play along.

What is coming is the BEAST SYSTEM and anyone who plays along has allowed superstition to rule above true science and they have replaced faith with fear.  True Christians will reject this and stand up for truth.   We have been set free and will not be servants to anyone except Christ.