Death Threats

Death Threats

Please distribute this video everywhere. Prof Dolores Cahill is a smart cookie and also very brave.  She has faced death threats and so have her colleagues.  They have even threatened their families.  There are billions of dollars riding on these vaccines but it is more than that….if this does not succeed they will lose complete control.  This is a push for world domination and many people are still fast asleep.  Conditioned and brainwashed… a hypnotic trance…a fear induced stupor.

Just like the former VP of Pfizer who spoke up against the vaccinations and lockdowns so also Prof Cahill is extremely qualified.  These are no crackpots but scientists who are top of their field.

Have a look at Prof Cahill’s Biography at Boffin Access

Irish Push-back

I  recently heard a joke about the Irish…..the only thing an Irishman with dementia remembers is his grudges.   Maybe that is so……but I would say they remember the meaning of freedom. My experience of the Irish is a friendly and accepting people…but don’t cross them…..and don’t impinge on their freedom….or you will awaken the Celtic fighting spirit. 

No Vaccine No Freedom: Responding to Vaccine Discussion on Irish Television



Well, This is Odd…