Double Dose

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Double Dose

A double dose of Dr McCairn discussing the neurological implications of both Covid and of the vaccine.  The videos come with a warning to anyone triggered by racism as the particular target is Ian Copeland a supposed PhD but in actual fact a CRT pharma tool with his side-kick Drew who both boast about “black excellence” and use racism to shut down any debate. The problem is that these douche bags are still pushing the vaccine onto their communities. They will not (and cannot) discuss the science and therefore a meme war was launched (lolz).  Nothing is untouchable especially when you are being paid to poison people all the while playing the victim. Sounds a bit like the antisemitic playbook and the cultural Marxist game-plan.

The top video discusses Vaccine Immunometabolism in the brain and this was the takeaway line for me:

"The observed alterations in biochemical profiles upon incubation with COVID-19 mRNA in the specific organelles of the glial cells are similar to those we observe for brain cancer vs grade of aggressiveness".

The other (second) video looks at the neurological protein signature of the virus itself this was the take away for me on this paper:

This video also discusses the increasing excess deaths in the Office of National Statistics in the UK (at about 42 minutes I believe) followed by a segment highlighting the Australian Parliament rejecting any investigation into excess deaths. The overall conclusion is that both the virus and the vaccine have neurological implications.


Decoding COVID19 mRNA Vaccine CNS Immunometabolism (2:07)

Oz Covering Up Excess Deaths, Proteomics of SARS (Neurodegeneration – Implications For Vaccines)-1:55