Easy Meat

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Easy Meat

Rochdale the home of Cyril Smith the gross homosexual pedo politician buggering young boys (he got an MBE for that) and the home of Muslim grooming gangs.  I used to live in Huddersfield and the truth is that the police turned a blind eye.

Is Sunak in a panic along with other globalists?   Yes. But you are watching theater and controlled opposition.  Gorgeous George is not your savior.  People have no idea how deep the deception goes and the psychological nudging employed.  The cognitive dissonance induced is enough to encourage people to just accept the narrative.  Obviously  we are seeing real in-fighting but NEVER let go of the fact that there are no good guys.  One way or another they will impose the NWO on you….it is easier if you believe that the “good guys” are winning.  In the end we are all easy meat being groomed by a bunch of psychopaths.



Making “easy meat” Rochdale Great again (lolz)

George Galloway: ‘It’s my job to make Rochdale great again’ (3 min)


Fear and panic grips UK establishment (24 min)