Economic Meltdown

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Economic Meltdown

Remember all those people screaming, “you care more about the economy than peoples lives.”  They are about to find out than when the economy is shut down people die en-mass. It starts in periphery countries (like Sri Lanka and Northern Africa) and then eventually it will drag down the West.  The crash is now inevitable. Never forget that they orchestrated it.   Of course they will blame Covid and Russia. Very soon they will have their zero carbon.

SRI LANKA VIOLENT PROTESTS. MP Among Dead as Violence Erupts. Out of Fuel, Food & Currency.(21 min)

All going according to plan.  The banksters are getting ready for the “New Normal”

Bank of International Settlements Says its “Cryptocurrency Time” #CBDC (6 min)

High inflation an massive debts are signs of a thriving economy. I know because the MSM told me so.

PANIC SELLING ON WALL STREET! The 10-Year Yield NOSEDIVES. F..E..A..R.. Grips The Market. Mannarino (13 min)