Flashback to 21 Sept 2019

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Flashback to 21 Sept 2019

I told my son on 18 Sept 2019 when the Federal Reserve started Repo that we would have mass unemployment in the following year. I was correct on that front but I did not know they would use a virus as cover for introducing the New World Order. I soon caught on and determined who was behind the pandemic.

However this lady is something else. This seven minute  video warning people was uploaded on 21 Sept 2019 and she was very prescient….not because she is a prophetess but because she was paying attention.  It is hard to believe that some people still can’t see it.  Ignore any bad language (she has a right to be frustrated and angry).

The next pandemic is just around the corner!  (21 Sept 2019)



Are you awake yet?


Monumental Stupidity

We are living in a time of monumental stupidity, cowardice and faithlessness. If you cannot see what is happening yet it is because you are deluding yourself. It is going to get worse. The hunger games come next.  Any society that is willing to sacrifice its children deserves everything that is coming.