Freedom Rally

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Freedom Rally

I place this video as a warning.  Be very careful and critical of everything. The internet is full of IIA (Interactive Internet Activities -see article below) and all movements have been penetrated by operatives in order to control them.   They are bad actors be on the look out (BOLO). Shortly I will do an article on the spiritual awakening that is now obviously happening.  This is also being controlled by a “New Age” -Gnostic-type movement that is ecumenical and wants Noahide laws.  It is all controlled – a one world government needs a one world religion.  Be careful because there are many “false prophets” – article to follow shortly. Here is the video with my comment:

Melbourne Worldwide Rally for Freedom


Very good expose. It demonstrates that the "Freedom Rally" and "blockchain" have been penetrated by operatives. Blockchain is supposedly the domain of anarchists opposed to centralized control of the monetary system. I suspect that it was a CIA-Mossad op from the start. There is no such thing as anonymity or privacy now that we have quantum computing any encryption can be broken. Alison McDowell is correct (and brilliant). They are sucking in the remaining wealth and then "poof" its gone. The CB's will book no competition. I support the freedom rallies as well but this lot of controlled opposition are despicable and they will try to undermine and steer ordinary people in a direction they should not go. Despicable...and yes many of them are free masons. Keep up your good work....will place this on my blog and will tweet it out. Still have to join Telegram busy. Cheers.


Interactive Internet Activities (IIA)