Gigaohm Biological (21 Aug)

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Gigaohm Biological (21 Aug)

This was a tour de force…highly recommended.  At about 47 min we have Neil Oliver interviewing a Prof from Israel about the scandal of the MOH (Ministry Of Health) in the most highly vaccinated country suppressing data that the more doses the more injuries.  As Jessica Rose pointed out it is dose dependent.   A young boy may get myocarditis with the vaccine (transfection) but with every booster the symptoms get worse.  That is concrete evidence that re-challenging  the immune system causes greater harm.  Dose dependent and the MOH tried to suppress the data.

I cannot stand that smarmy Peter Hotez who plays the victim and wants to inject kids. He mentored Katzwoman (another Jew) who went to Georgetown university (CIA finishing school) the same place Avril Haines the Chabad Ashkenazi attended.  She is now the Director Of National Intelligence under Biden and attended EVENT 201 with the Chinese CDC head George Gao before the pandemic broke out.  I can no longer stand these two-faced merchants of death and lies.  May God deliver swift punishment against them.  Here is the 2 minute video that I made about Katzwoman nearly a year and a half ago.  Never forget what they did.


Then at 01:15 J.C.  discusses the clip from June Raine she is is a British pharmacologist who is currently serving as the Chief Executive of the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) in the United Kingdom.  She is horrible….horrible (the horror)….her video is entitled….From Watchdog to enabler.    That says it all.  She is not a watchdog looking out for public health but an “enabler” of pharma.   I am sorry but people have died and are harmed for life. These people are despicable.  At 02:15 J.C. shows how they changed the gene sequences (primers).  We have been so badly gaslighted.  The system is completely corrupt there is nothing worth saving.  And he is right about Nurse Campbell...he is a shill for pharma with a YT following of 2.4 million subscribers. 

This is not over…they cannot go back. We have a Moderna factory in Melbourne that will churn out 100 million “vaccines” a year.  Do you think this is ever going to stop?   More fool you.

Immunomythology MEGA Update : Gigaohm Biological High Resistance Low Noise Information Brief (2:45)


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