Jacob Israel

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Jacob Israel

This is very interesting and you need to be familiar with this first:


Now  Jacob-Israel promotes himself as a witness and perhaps he is but Jacob’s ladder and the Key are also Masonic symbols.

Maybe I am wrong but someone who has the Spirit must know what Israel means. The video is an explanation of Elon Musk’s cryptic tweet of his bedside cabinet.  All very strange.

I actually think Jacob-Israel might be correct in his analysis.  He connects it with Zombies.  Surely it is not coincidental that the CDC used Zombies as an example of a pandemic.

What do I think?

I am giving him the benefit of the doubt but I am starting to wonder if he is part of the psyop.

It’s WORSE Than You Think and it’s ALL CONNECTED!  (1:32)

He just released another video today….  (watching it now)….


According to Dennis Bushnell  there are already at least 100k people with brain implants.

YOU HAVENT SEEN ANYTHING YET! 2023 Dark Ages Return or the LOVE of God?!Start @ 2:53 if audio issue (1:00)

I start this after the audio difficulty  (just under an hour long):


We are being gamed.  We are really in the Matrix.  Is Jacob-Israel genuine or not?   To be honest I don’t trust anyone but I think his information is useful.  Something big is coming.  Do not be deceived.