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Important Psychological Operation

I have tagged this under Christianity even though it is the opposite of Christianity.  Unfortunately I need to spend some time on this unsavory story because it is part of the psychological operation.  You need to understand what has happened in order to understand the next video. This is not just crazy stuff it is a sophisticated psychological  intelligence operation therefore I cannot ignore it.

It is about the fashion company Balenciaga who advertised their goods using children holding bondage teddy bears and a handbag lying on top of a legal ruling on child porn.  All very subtly presented but further digging shows this company has form and traces its roots back to Nazi Germany (you can’t make this stuff up). Watch this video (I know…. I know it is Alex Jones but it gives an overview)….

Thursday Emergency Thanksgiving Broadcast: Balenciaga Story Bigger Than Pizzagate

Not only that but in one photo we have a roll of tape with the Balenciaga name but only showing Baal spelt with double AA.  When you put the name in Google translate in Latin (a dead language) and in Sepedi (a minority South African language) it translates into English as BAAL IS KING.   Obviously that is deliberate because I know that the Latin for king is Rex.  So someone at Google changed the algorithm and data base to throw up this phrase.  When you put the phrase through Gematria many of the numbers add up to the free mason number 11.

The conclusion can only be that we are dealing with a deliberate psychological operation.

Is operation BALEN (child) run by Georgia CIA (CIA-GA)?
Meaning of Balen: Variant of Bala: Child (Hindi)


Atlanta is where the CDC has its headquarters.
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BAAL Sepedi


It gets way worse: