Message from Brendon

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Message from Brendon

Brendon has just completed another video which is available (first) on Patreon.  I will view it and post it on the blog as soon as it becomes publicly available.   His message regarding Israel and spying seems to be getting through to main stream media (finally) but not the full extent of their betrayal and technology transfer.  Of course, the Zionists are the tip of the spear for the Rothschild and the Central Bank cartel, hedge funds, corporate mafia and the military/medical Industrial Complex.  The extension of the old East India Company.



Anyway, Brendon is having problems and although this message is for Patreons I thought I would post it (I don’t think he would mind).  If you can support him at $10 a month please do:

I am way behind. I thought today was Wednesday.

It is over a week since all the hoo haa on NSO Group, Israel and cyber technology juggernaut status has hit the mainstream. It is different in tone and intensity...the elephant in the living room is going to be addressed by the mainstream...where am I?

I've been having fun getting hammered. Having two internet connections ruined. One laptop wrecked and some very strange happenings at the AirB&B where I my desktop BIOS settings being altered and my desktop being locked up and unusable in the AM - someone had been in the room, I see no other explanation. It "appears" fine. But until I get the laptop working I won't be messing with it.

My new fiber connection was removed at the total cost of $400USD. The ISP refused to hand over control of their "special" all in one router and basically intimated we were insane. How could your all in one fiber router switch off routinely in front of you? These people literally have no idea who Assange and Snowden are. I'd say they think regular Windows updates keep you safe. I'm not about to lecture them via Google translate on how the world works.

I'm back on the slow, constantly dropping, totally insecure AirB&B wireless network. A brief three day weekend fling dalliance with secure cable only high speed optic fiber to the home is over. Secure, all except the remote access all in one fiber router. 6 minute uplands are back to one hour plus.

I have a 20 minute video for $10 Patrons to put up, post weak coffee and walk. It was to also include a tour of the little studio you paid for. However, the person who owns the house where the room is, suggested not to show it. Why? Because here, in the land of electrified razor wire and no dole, one whiff of a room full of electronic gadgetry will get you six armed men over your wall with knives - at least. And there are other factors I don't want to go into. So there will be no tour.

Let me calmly lay out the broad picture of the latest Israel NSO Group exposes going on and what, as usual, is not being said and why they won't say it. Hint...if the MSM and associated alt media promoted mega stars are having little kittens over this "arranged lead story"...based on one piece of software infecting a tiny portion of journalists and activists phones...what is the reason for the extreme lack of excitement over Israel's total domination of the biggest chip manufacturer on the planet and most prolifically used Operating system on the planet? Windows and Intel Corporation? 🤔🤔🤔🤔 If orgasmic pious disgust at little NSO be the MSM game...what of the issue of the biggest hardware and software on the planet, designed, built and coded in Israel...Windows and Intel Corp? And THAT is the giant backend the MSM and alt media whores have been ignoring for 4 years at least. While you and I and others did not. As high level Intel people said to me so seemingly long ago..."These things are handled quietly Brendon." I'll have my Pulitzer delivered via Amazon then.