NAC and more

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NAC and more

We took NAC as a supplement when we suspected that we had Covid/Omricon and it definitely helps lung infections etc. In other news my feet continue to improve.  Started a fasting regime (see article on NAD+) upped my C (high strength) and reduced my D.  I have ordered vitamin K to go with the D and R-ALA and B3 should see more improvements soon.  Tinnitus and feet swelling, numbness etc seem to be related to long covid but are also the result of vaccine (transfection) injury  (we are not vaccinated). In general our health has been good with the odd complaint  but we are improving and taking prophylactic measures. Everyone needs to take responsibility for themselves and their families.  The medical establishment has lost our trust.  Remember when the CDC banned intravenous Vitamin C as a covid treatment?

NAC VS Glutathione Plus New Potential Heart Health Benefits (Vasodilation + More) 12 min

  • 0:00 Intro
  • 0:44 New paper
  • 1:07 what NAC does in the body
  • 1:44 Infection raise free radicals in the body
  • 2:26 Clotting
  • 3:08 D-dimer
  • 4:40 Dose to consider
  • 5:15 Glycine and sleep
  • 6:00 NAC Dosing
  • 8:00 GGT and Glutathione testing
  • 9:50 Oral glutathione


The importance of vitamin D should not be underestimated especially in combination with Magnesium but K helps with the calcium leaching problem.

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