Phelan or felon?

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Phelan or felon?

Professor Phelan the rainbow turd promoter and  a very good look at “Zika Virus”  that appeared out of nowhere in Brazil apparently from the 62 ha Zika forest in Uganda and then just disappeared.

As the property of the Uganda Virus Research Institute (UVRI) of Entebbe, it is protected and restricted to scientific research.The organisation was established in 1936 as the Yellow Fever Research Institute by the Rockefeller Foundation. In 1947, scientists researching yellow fever placed a rhesus macaque in a cage in the Zika Forest. The monkey developed a fever, and researchers isolated from its serum a transmissible agent that was first described as Zika virus in 1952. Watch out we might have the ooga booga virus next.  I have put a chicken cage in my garden and the next time my chicken is sick I will isolate a virus that shrinks heads.

Note…Cornelius Packard “Dusty” Rhoads was involved with radiation in the 50’s. When in Puerto Rico he boasted (joked) that he had killed eight people. Rhoads started at the Rockefeller Institute in the 1930s and went on to become the first director of the combined Memorial Sloan–Kettering Cancer Center. He had an interest in radiation and chemo for cancer treatments.  Pregnancies exposed to radiation;

"These birth defects include a reduction in height, severe mental retardation, small head size and impaired brain development, the latter of which may indirectly reduce an individual's intelligence quotient (IQ) and school performance” (Washington State Dept of Health).



Ep 91.8 : Phelan blank connections! Aussie sweetness doing jobs Americans wont? #Gostin #COVID911 (2hr 15min)

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