Plotkin: A Plot against your kin

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Plotkin: A Plot against your kin

This is a nine hour deposition officially recorded in a court setting. Not evryone has time to view all nine hours but it is interesting to just dip in (time stamps below). These people are psychopaths (that much is clear). Stanley Alan Plotkin (born May 12, 1932) is a Jewish- American physician who works as a consultant to vaccine manufacturers. The deposition is a family court proceeding in which the parents disagreed as to the vaccination plan for the child during a custody dispute. Plotkin is acting as an expert witness. Dr. Stanley Plotkin, known as the “Godfather of vaccines,” in a disposition on January 11, 2018, admitted to using the tissue from 76 aborted fetuses for ONE study, all of which were three months or older and normally developed. He also admitted to using orphans to study experimental vaccines as well as mentally handicapped individuals and the babies of mothers in prison.

Plotkin was born and raised in New York City, the son of Jewish parents. Why am I not surprised?  He comes across as repulsive and it really is a plot against your kin.

Stanley Plotkin Deposition – Full Audio/Video

The World’s Most Respected Vaccine Expert exposed.

Time stamps:

  • 1:21:00 I don’t do it for the money
  • 1:24:00 Would you remember if you were paid 6 million dollars?
  • 2:44:00 Rotavirus conflict of interest
  • 2:50:30 Working Group ACIP discussions
  • 2:53:00 There’s a gavel with my name on it
  • 3:17:00 Is 5 days long enough?
  • 3:32:00 There was no placebo group?
  • 3:45:20 The package insert for MMR2
  • 3:59:20 “Serious Adverse Events”
  • 4:24:20 The GARDASIL/saline Placebo Contol
  • 4:48:00 “Double-blind works if you want to be certain, but…”
  • 5:33:00 Do vaccines cause autism?
  • 5:43:00 Shouldn’t you wait?
  • 6:05:00 We’ve been asking for 30 years
  • 6:09:00 The only placebo vs. vaccine study results
  • 6:58:00 A letter to HHS
  • 7:05:30 What kind of antigens are in vaccines?
  • 7:11:33 Calf serum, guinea pig cells, and cow’s milk
  • 7:39:20 Does Alum bind to cells?
  • 7:43:10 How many fetus’ have you worked with?
  • 7:50:40 Did you used orphans to test an experimental disease 13 years AFTER the Nuremberg Code?
  • 7:54:02 The letter to the editor of Ethics of Human Experimentation – “Its unlike Nazi philosophy”
  • 7:56:00 The 1959 experiments on over 1 million locals under Colonial Rule in the Congo has no samples left
  • 8:02:50 Do you take issues with Religious beliefs?
  • 8:12:00 Since you’re so interested in my income…
  • 8:18:30 Are you asking me if I’m launching AIDS?!
  • 8:27:00 Pertussis transmission and the Warfel studies
  • 8:31:00 How do you define an Anti-Vaxer?
  • 8:47:30 Harvard’s Study of VAERS Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System finds less than 1% are reported

Covid Vaccine deaths

A published peer reviewed article was retracted…..because…..because? Because they don’t like the truth.

Public Sanitation

Public sanitation and decent food did the heavy lifting not vaccines.  You cannot jab your way to good health.   Do you honestly think injecting heavy metals, synthetic DNA and polymers is going to make you healthy?