Pray for Australia

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This is  trending on twitter now.     The heat has now left South Australia (phew)  and moved into Victoria and NSW.  People have lost their lives and properties and wildlife has suffered.   The area is now facing catastrophic fire danger and many have been evacuated.  The Australian military has been helping by transporting people from beaches (where they were trapped).  It is very grim and will probably get worse.


The heat and the fire danger is unprecedented as is the extension of the fire season. It is starting earlier and lasting longer.  There is no denying that climate change is happening but perhaps now is not the time for a debate.  It is certainly not the time to go on holiday (what were these politicians thinking???).  It seems that they were totally unprepared.   It certainly does not look good no matter what political persuasion you are.


On the TV news yesterday we had a climate expert basically declaring that the current catastrophe demanded that Australia change policy etc.  There are no doubt many things that Australia can do better but how does that help the people who are now fleeing for their lives?   Really?  This is a serious question.  If I stop driving my car will that help them?    If we shut down every mine tomorrow will the fires stop?  If all coal fired electric plants are demolished will we get a cool day?   Perhaps we should sign a few more COP25 agreements?   If we did all those things can anyone tell us what difference it would make?   Can anyone give me real, measurable facts such as;    The fire season will be shortened by three weeks and average temperatures in Australia will drop by 1.5 degrees by next summer.   Of course not.  They can’t do it.  It is not possible.    That tells me that something else is going on and that this terrible event will be used for political leverage.  Never let a good catastrophe go to waste.   Traumatized people will grab at any solutions offered even if they are not really solutions.  Do we need changes?  Most certainly.  We do need  renewable energy. We need better fire management and water management (and infrastructure).  We need to do things sustainably.   However, we do not need to go back to the stone age.


A Christian Country?

Australia is a supposedly Christian country.   The Prime Minister wears his Christianity on his sleeve.   He declared it a “miracle” that he had won the election.  At the time I said (to my wife) that he is going to regret winning because these next years will bring climate disaster, economic collapse and war. Perhaps the best thing that could have happened to Labour is that they lost the election (LOL).    However, I digress, if we are a Christian country why has the Christian prime minister not called a National Day of Prayer?

Will God hear our prayers?

Why is the prime minister and parliament not calling for a National Day of Prayer?   Will it interrupt their holidays? (LOL)  Or, is it a case that they don’t really believe in the “fairy in the sky” (LOL).   Perhaps they do not like to acknowledge that some things are out of their control.    Perhaps they do not like to think that if God really does exist he might not be best pleased with them.    In fact, God may ignore their prayers altogether.    Perhaps God knows that in the near future they will send the military from doing much needed rescue and disaster work in Australia to kill people in Iran.   Perhaps God (in his foreknowledge) has decided to let people (who are by and large unrepentant) to stew in their own juice.


However, we do not know how God will respond and we do not know if people are really repentant or not because neither the politicians nor the religious leaders have called for a National Day of Prayer.   So, I will say my own prayers because I know that God is compassionate and long-suffering.  May he forgive us our shortcomings and strengthen us to endure.  May He bless this parched land with the blessing of rain.  May he remember that all flesh is grass  and save us ere we perish.



Australia is on fire and over half a BILLION animals have already died. The world needs to do something now! 😭 #PrayForAustralia