Revolving door

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Revolving Door

I like Russell but I don’t trust him because of his Masonic connections.  Are we being nudged?   Never the less everything he says here is true.  Maybe they are getting ready to collapse the system and then another group of Masons appear as “saviors” with a New Age Religion and Global system.   Who knows?   Stay alert and watch.  There are no heroes.

Think Big Pharma’s Corrupt Now? THIS Is What’s Next!!! (12 min)

Something Strange is Happening in Atlanta (2022) [10 min]

I put this video here because it is weird.  I did not realize that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) was headquartered in Atlanta (Georgia).  This is were the Georgia Guidestones are found and they give the rules for a vastly reduced global population.  No one knows who placed them there.  So, I think Grace (who lives there) might be onto something.  A lot of spooky goings on… matter what you think I get an evil vibe..