Starved into submission

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Starved into submission

At this point inflation and food shortages are baked into the cake. What do the dumb masses think is going to happen if they stay inside being paid monopoly money by the government?

Front Running the Next Location that Will Have Cargo Stoppages

Brazilian coffee production slashed by 50% as record cold freezes coffee and sugar plantations. Railroads across the USA are suspending traffic as storage areas are too full and containers are not moving. Taco Bell faces more shortages and supply chains across the planet are shattering.

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Freak Cold Snap In Biggest Coffee Exporter Sparks Huge Price Surge… Brazil Frost Update 7/22/2021…… MSC warns of international intermodal impacts on West and East coasts… Grocery Billionaire: Inflation For Food Prices Will Hit 10-14% By October… Taco Bell’s menu hit by nationwide shortages of ingredients…