Sun-Health Impact

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Sun-Health Impact

Today’s Featured Links: Geomagnetic Circadian Rhythm: Solar Health Effects:… Electroquakes: Stellar Encounters: Sun and SAM:…

Sun Erupts Several Times, The REAL Nibiru, Sun-Health Impact | S0 News Dec.6.2021 (4 min)

Grímsvötn Is Being Closely Monitored – Earthquake Magnitude M3.6 In Grímsfjall Volcano – Bardarbunga (4 min)


This morning, a magnitude 3.6 earthquake shook Grímsvötn. Several aftershocks have followed, the largest being magnitude 2.1 Earthquake with magnitude Mw3,6 in Grímsfjall volcano, no eruption yet Grímsvötn History Vatnajökull – earthquakes Grimsvotn Volcano Seismic Measurements Live