The Australian Experiment

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The Australian Experiment

What can I say? It does not matter who you vote for.  There is a crude saying which is apropos; “Different asshole same shit”. Australia is a test bed for all these crazy ideas.  They try it out here first because we have a small, isolated population.  The longest lockdown in the world and rubber bullets.  Yep.  That was Victoria in case you forgot.   They lost the Yes vote though because enough people woke up. They won’t make that mistake again.  All your politicians are just middle management.  They are either compromised or incompetent.  The real power behind the throne remains unseen.

What next?    Next we are going to get facial recognition linked to Digital ID. Then complete control of the food chain.  Australia only has six big cities with a lot of empty space in-between.   Very easy to turn them into smart-cities.   The infrastructure is already there. Your own personal Gaza.  Now do as you are told lick-spittle (lolz).

“Opposition Leader” Peter Dutton GLAZES eSafety Commissioner, calling her Australia’s FINEST servant (1 min)



CITIZENS REPORT 6/6/2024 – A bill to end the war on cash! / Picking daisies in the nuclear minefield (55 min)