TLAV and AI (2)

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TLAV and AI (2)

No censorship here. We trust you to make up your own mind. Cutting out a man’s tongue does not make him a liar – it makes you a monstrous tyrant.

The the video from TLAV on YouTube has been removed and my Twitter account permanently suspended.  Therefore the original post on this website which has a twitter embed no longer displays properly.

So, in order to fight the censorship I have gathered the clips and information and turned them into a short video.  I will also re-post the links to the original TLAV (3.5 hour long) video from which the clips were taken and I will post the link (again) to my video Batman and the Goy Wonder.

There is no way that the PRRA furin site code has a gematria (English ordinal) of 72 alongside the word gentile and Covid 19 (53+19).  That is mathematically impossible.  The virus was engineered and they signed their virus malware.  Chabad and Rothschild working hand in hand.  I will not be silenced.

Original TLAV show (3.5 hours long):