Notification: Elijah taken away

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Notification: Elijah taken away

Elijah has not been caught up in a fiery whirlwind but his Twitter account has been permanently suspended (lol).  This is the second time.  Every time he has called out someone as a 77 Brigade pysop stooge his account has been removed.  I seem to have a sixth sense now for spotting the liars.

This means that if you look at some older posts that have twitter embeds they may not display properly.  However, I have turned a recent post that I thought was very important into a video.  Find the blog post here (the original was TALV and AI hence no. 2):

TLAV and AI (2)

I have a feeling Elijah is now saying “I’ll be back”  – be on the lookout (BOLO) for tweets from The_Tishbite (as soon as he registers a new phone -lol).