Where did the Flu Go?

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Where did the Flu Go?


This was a rather good discussion.

Scientists are apparently “baffled” by the seeming disappearance of the flu this year. An infection that has been with the human race for centuries (if not longer), has seen a 98% plummet this year. The Southern hemisphere, which is already past its peak flu season, essentially skipped the flu this year. So where did it go?

The mainstream media would have you believe that the flu has disappeared because of the tyrannical lockdown measures from the Covid crisis. They say that masks, social distancing and the eradication of the things that make us social beings has had the positive effect of getting rid of an annoying yearly infection.

As you can see below YouTube have removed the video.¬† They are appealing but don’t expect to be allowed. Once again censoring the truth.¬† I contacted them and they sent me this link.