Adelaide Fiasco

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Adelaide Fiasco

They put a “police task force” to investigate pizza guy (the so called virus spreader)…..and yet no charges are laid.  Why?  Because it is a big hoax to enforce mask wearing, lockdown and tracing and tracking with QR codes.  


QR Codes

They want to trace and track us everywhere just like China.  This has nothing to do with health it is the surveillance state.   Once they track you everywhere they can lock you down at a whim.   Covid passports will be next.  I have never seen the public so dumb.  Meantime they are switching on the 5G everywhere which is making people sick.

The biggest hoax in history

By now it should be obvious to anyone with a functioning brain that the authoritarian obsession with forcing masks on everyone has nothing to do with viral load, viral spread or health and safety.  It is a big lie.  The science tells you that it is a big lie.