Alien Invasion

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Alien Invasion

The masses have been stupefied to such an extent that they will believe almost anything as long as the “production values” are high enough.  They pulled of 9/11 didn’t they?  Covid is an even bigger hoax.  Fear is the key….you take something that is real (people getting sick) then you twist it and spin it and exaggerate using the media.   I think they are getting ready for an even bigger hoax.  Nothing would surprise me now.  And….no Steve….I don’t think they are fallen angels……

In any case I warned about something like this in my Project Blue Beam video. People will believe just about any lie now. The only thing they won’t believe is the truth.  What you are seeing here is classic predictive programing as are all the Hollywood alien invasion movies you have ever seen.    Will they go through with it?   I honestly don’t know but 2020 has been that crazy that it cannot be discounted.  Also, ask yourselves this –  what will people make of the huge lights and signs in the sky caused by plasma and ionic excitation as we enter the galactic sheet?    These will be spectacular and frightening.  Ooh look…the aliens are coming (lol).

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