Another Wave

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Another Wave

We are seeing another wave of covid and coincidentally it coincides with the vaccinations.  India is typical as cases and deaths are on the increase. They were falling and provinces like Uttar Pradesh were handing out free kits with Ivermectin, Vitamin D, Vitamin C , Zinc and AZM and it was very effective. That is not allowed anymore because now they are “vaccinating” and deaths are shooting up.

Celebrated Tamil actor Vivekh was appointed as India’s health Ambassador, the very next day he had the jab and the day after he was dead with a massive heart attack at age 59. They kept it quiet but it is now leaking out. Of course it is a “coincidence” and to think otherwise is makes you a “conspiracy theorist”.

An emerging pattern?

Vaccine Injuries and deaths

I tried this link myself and downloaded the PDF.  It is truly horrific and remember these are the immediate injuries and deaths.  We are talking maximum a month.  What will it be like in six months?  In a year?  What will it be like in 2023 when the trial ends?  Thousands?