Ground invasion imminent

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Ground invasion imminent

Turkey delivers its terms to US, ground invasion imminent (18 min)


Ukraine Faces Bakhmut Defeat EU Commission President Ursula Speaks of 100k Ukrainians KIA in the War (52 min)

Wednesday 30th November 2022 – News From Russia (1:08)


An explosion occurred at the Ukrainian embassy in Madrid: CNN reporter Chance showed on video heavy shelling of Artemivsk in the DPR by the Russian Armed Forces: The Russian Armed Forces completely liberated the village of Andreevka in the DPR: Naryshkin announced Poland’s plans to annex parts of three regions of Ukraine: Poles killed in Ukraine to get ‘American’ burial: The Poles were outraged by the speech of Zelensky’s wife in London: Moscow Helps Humanitarian Aid Collection Points to Appear in Moscow Parks: The temperature was raised in the city heating system in Moscow due to a cold snap: UK expands anti-Russian sanctions list: Financial Sanctions Notice:… Zakharova invited Ukrainian politicians to visit Crimea: Zakharova predicted problems for the whole world because of the price ceiling for Russian oil: Google “Alley Of Angels” Search results: Wikipedia deletes Alley of Angels: Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/Alley of Angels: The European Commission removed data on losses among the Ukrainian military from the statement: Statement by President von der Leyen on Russian accountability and the use of Russian frozen assets: