Minority Report

Minority Report

The main theme in the movie Minority Report is the ability to predict crime in advance – so called “pre-crime”.  Someone can be arrested for something that they are going to do in the future.  Of course, that is science fiction but something similar is occurring right now with the use of big data and  behavioral science. 

The use of smart phones and social media platforms together with machine learning and various algorithms means that groups or influencers can be targeted and steered (manipulated) in certain directions.  For example, it can be used to influence elections, manipulate riots or change public behavior.   It can also be used to select candidates (or rule them out) for positions – either in the security industry or government or even wider applications.  So, you may never get asked for a job interview because you are considered a risk, or unreliable etc based on a profile a la minority report.  This is already happening and Millie Weaver has released a documentary on  the tactics used with regards to the Trump election campaign and Russia gate. 

Whether you are interested in American politics or not I suggest you watch it because this transcends politics. This tool will be used everywhere and is in my opinion being used in the pandemic scare.   Millie Weaver got arrested jut before releasing the video and it has had 1.2 million views already (in less than 2 days). Recommend you watch it to the end.  First the report on her arrest:

Millie weaver arrested

What They Don’t Want You To See


As you can see the video has been removed by YouTube I am currently uploading a version onto BitChute that I will embed on this page. In the meantime you can find the video on the website banned.video – follow the link:




Ask yourself this

Are we being sucked into another psyop?   Perhaps I am getting totally paranoid now.  One thing is sure – the technology exists and it is being used.

It turns out that my suspicions were at least partly correct.  She has retained the Jewish lawyer Ezra Levant and started a Go Fund Me page which has already raised thousands.  The same lawyer is used by Tommy Robinson.  Millie Weaver works for InfoWars.  These are all Zionist outlets as is Pat Condell and GateStone institute etc (And X22 report etc). However, that does not mean that her report is untrue and regardless of any pro-Trump spin there is a bigger agenda afoot in which data is combined with behavioral science to manipulate outcomes. At this point in time everything is spin and manipulation. You have to dig hard to find the truth.


UK Column News – 13th May 2020

UK Column News – 13th May 2020

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and Alex Thomson with today’s UK Column News, bringing you the latest Coronavirus updates.

START – The UK government’s CoronaVirus (COVID-19) recovery strategy
50,000 UK excess deaths – how many have been caused by the lockup…?
Boris knows that Behavioural Insights team have been ramping up fear via the media
Sky News: care homes ‘almost compelled’ to take people who may have COVID-19
Bill Gates: ‘Pandemic 2’ happening in the imminent future – how does he know…?
Government able to label regular winter flu as CoronaVirus in future as it pleases…
New Joint Biosecurity Centre – meet centre head Tom Hurd (son of Douglas Hurd)
JBC has a vested interest in keeping the threat level high to maintain its existence
Douglas Hurd: fluent in Chinese & (along with Francis Maud) signed Maastricht Treaty
How is the UK government really being run…? Meet king Mark Sedwill
Government furlough scheme: the most expensive unemployment benefit on the planet
How will government raise the money to pay for all these benefits…?
A rapid re-engineering of government’s structure & institutions is underway…
Plymouth MP Johnny Mercer echoes government CV advice: advice becomes threat
Where is evidence for the benefit of social distancing and the two metre rule…?
Twitter: covert censorship on social media – Behavioural Insights team hard at work
The Lancet: monitoring BI related to CV – report links to World Health Organisation
32:57 – UK Column gets email from Australia on MainStream Media CV propaganda
China inspiring Italy…? Welcome to the New World Order…
Vanessa Beeley: children should not be deprived of censory contact
The minds of children are being damaged and depressed
Dutch dining alone…distancing in Germany with plastic head bubble
Mail Online: ‘bubble’ socialising could start from next month…
Public identify the danger of an unsubstantiated science label
40:35 – Genomics England commissioned to sequence whole genomes of CV patients
Gordon & Sarah Brown: global leaders demand G20 task force to co-ordinate CV response
Soros seizes the moment: CoronaVirus endangers the survival of ‘our’ civilisation
The Post by UnHerd: has Germany just blown up the Eurozone…?
Soros suggests issuing consolidated bonds – never to be fully repaid
Beware the subscription model…
47:51 – Cabinet Office effectively running the UK government: non-executive directors…
Directors are usually only involved in corporations…is government now a corporation…?
Common Purpose connections and lobbying organisations in the heart of government
What does the Cabinet Office really do…should it even exist…?