Down but not Out

Down but not Out

Dr Kevin McCairn has been experiencing technical problems and it looks like he was hacked. He has acquired new equipment and has been setting up his streaming again.  The osp sever on which he had his platform is also down.  He is not the only one. Jim from climate viewer was removed from Discord (with all his followers) and his own website was temporarily hacked and went off line.  However, Jim is a cybersecurity expert and an ex-hacker himself and his website is now functioning. Jessica Rose who has a substack and is a biologist and mathematician who lives in Israel was recently intimidated by men with guns (probably Shin Bet) demanding her identity and threatening to follow her home.  It is becoming increasingly harder to get the truth out and new laws are on the books in the UK and other Western countries with regards to online censorship.

Kevin is back…he has a new system but he still had audio problems on his previous stream (Streamed on 2 April  3:48 mins) with sections that were silent.  I have still posted it (see below) as well as the most recent stream because the scientific papers are extremely important and they vindicate Dr Kevin McCairn and his warnings over the last two years.  The streams can also be found on the Dojo but are not time-stamped yet:

If you are offended by any salty language or memes then get over it. You are now living in Raccoon city where men can be women and predators want sex with your children while they experiment on us all.  No time to be offended by hurty words. Put your battle gear on and fight.

Here are the papers etc from that stream presented as a number of tweets:


Latest SARS Neuroscience: Of Mice & Monkeys Spike Protein Demonstrated To Cause Brain Lesions (3:48min April 2 -audio glitches)

More On Biowarfare, Biden’s New World Order Coming To A Country Near You, And Clinical Evidence For Long COVID Neuroinvasion Pt 2  Most recent 6:25 mins 3 April