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Rarely have I seen Dr Kevin McCairn so frustrated and angry as they have blocked his second PayPal account and he has refunded all the PayPal contributions. He has fresh vaccine samples and can rent lab space but Dr McCairn requires more funding in order to progress.  The previous money was spent on lab work (which was streamed live) and on building the alternative platform WTYL to avoid censorship (part of the funds went to Simon the tech expert and coder).  Simon has also set up an alternative payment method which is more difficult for them to remove. Even that account has been attacked trying to breach security and steal funds. The fact they are are so aggressively trying to shut him down while they allow con-men and grifters  free rein should tell you something.  I have made my contribution and am a Patreon.    It is imperative and urgent  that we continue this work because no one else is.  There are plenty of con-men doing microscopy and  finding  “magnetic graphene”, or “chips” or “hydras” but no one is doing qualitative elemental analysis.   Kevin has not found any phosphorous in the samples.  How is that even possible?  This suggests that either Kevin is doing something wrong or the vaccines are placebos.

Does it even matter?   Of course it matters because if some of the vaccines were placebos then this would make the data impossible to read correctly and make it more difficult to disambiguate a signal.   It is deliberate corruption and manipulation of the data which is a cardinal sin in science.  If it is allowed to stand then any future pandemics and vaccination campaigns can be directed in which ever direction they want the “data” to go.

I would like to see Dr McCairn do more work and retest fresh vaccines using different methods. Possibly Mass spectrometry (MS) , Northern blotting and or PCR.  All this and more  is possible if we can raise the funds.  Having run my own lab on shifts I can vouch for the genuineness of  the work that I have seen.

Finally, we are fighting a ruthless, godless behemoth with unlimited funds at their disposal.  We are also fighting disinformation and con-men who are taking money from vulnerable people. Think of it as an investment in your children’s future because your money will be worthless anyway when they crash the system.  As a Christian you may think that Jesus will sort it out anyway….but that is not how it works.  You must expose the lies and stand for the truth.  You must show how utterly corrupt and twisted the system has become.  Put your money where your mouth is.  Times are tough and will get tougher but right now we can still fight….every little bit helps…  Click the article in the tweet below or go direct here

War? DRACO, Dark Horse Getting Close To The Third Rail (3:09)

Rough Running order

Notification: funds progress

Notification: funds progress

Dr Kevin McCairn has raised nearly half of the necessary funds and the Japanese Doctor who has done similar work has sent his EDX traces to Kevin. Whenever Dr McCairn live-streams on WTYL he comes under DOS-Attack. Kevin has produced a flyer…see the previous stream (starts at 13 min):

Latest SARS PRION & Neuroinflammation Data


$2320/$5000 Raised



Here is the above video edited for Odysee without Intro and outro and slower frame rate:

Notification: Lab Time Appeal

Notification: Lab Time Appeal

Dr Kevin McCairn did not detect any Nitrogen or Phosphor during his Raman Spectroscopy and Energy dispersive x-ray (EDX) analyses of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines which he did during a live stream.  That can only mean two things:

  1. He is doing something wrong
  2. There was no mRNA in the samples.

If there was no mRNA in the samples then we are dealing with Placebo’s which may contain only PEG which is used as a LNP (Lipid Nano Particle) to transport the mRNA and fuse with the cell membrane.   PEG (Polyethylene glycol) contains Hydrogen, Oxygen and Carbon but no Phosphor or Nitrogen.   The use of placebo vaccines without consent carries legal implications and it distorts the data.

This is an appeal for funds to raise about $5,000 dollars for 5 days lab work.  His last stream raised about 1,000 dollars (one day in the lab).   I can vouch that the funds are spent on lab work and the results are live streamed.  This has huge implications and therefore the name and location of the institute is not mentioned for fear that it will be pressured to censor the work.  This will form part of the case for criminal proceedings so give what you can.


$1000/$5000 Raised




Every little bit helps. I will keep you updated as to the funds.

This is the stream I downloaded from Dlive and edited it down to 53 minutes without intro. For some reason the back end of the video is out of sync but the audio is fine. This has been uploaded to Odysee. There are still problems with WTYL and the streams cannot be left up on YT due to censorship.

Implications For Absence of The Nitrogen/Phosphorous Signature – Moving Analytical Research Forward (53 min)