Becoming China

Β Becoming China

Propaganda or not??

Lucky that we are not like China and our govt will keep us safe from those nasty hackers. Perhaps we should have a centralized ID controlled by the bankers and AI and linked to everything? That should keep us safe (lolz)

Rats jumping ship

Rats jumping ship

Simultaneous Collapse of Currency and Payment Systems

Banks and governments warning in writing to those reading of a new chaotic normal as a Simultaneous Collapse of Currency and Payment Systems intertwines runaway inflation.

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The Beginning of Land Confiscation Starts Now

Podcast on the mechanism behind land confiscation


Quite Frankly interviews Jim Lee

This will take you straight to the interview.Β  Jim Lee runs the Climate Viewer website and he used to be a hacker. Interesting interview.Β  My comment below the video:

The solution to Cyber crime will be that we all need a digital ID or some sort of "blockchain identity" in order to access the internet. This is about complete and absolute control. The intelligence services are using the (Russian?) mafia to cover their tracks. The NWO does not want meat....therefore meat plant "hacked" does not want fossil fuel.....hence petrol pipeline "hacked". None of this is coincidence. This is the technocrats and intelligence services using criminals. With quantum computing they can break any encryption. Bitcoin is a psyop. These people love their viruses -Covid and computer -viruses to change the world.