OSHA Blocked

OSHA Blocked

The Fifth Circuit struck down the OSHA vaccine workplace mandates on the basis that they are a hot mess. Well, not precisely, but pretty much. Also, when we score the public health outcomes for both overall mortality and overall morbidity, so far the combined efforts of all public health agencies in the US get an “F.” All-cause mortality is actually higher in 2021 than in 2020. A healthy society would stop and ask why. Hard questions would be asked by journalists. None of that is happening which is why I’m here asking and answering the questions for you.

OSHA Blocked & Public Health Efforts Get an “F” (50 min)

  • 00:00 – Intro
  • 01:11 – OSHA Website
  • 02:11 – Say What?
  • 04:42 – What’s the true Infection Fatality Rate?
  • 10:18 – What Happens Next is Unclear
  • 15:12 – New European Locokdowns
  • 20:26 – Public Health: What Are The Goals
  • 23:20 – Public Health Sub Goal #1: Mortality
  • 30:49 – Public Health Sub Goal #2: Morbidity
  • 33:43 – What The Endpoints Ought To Be
  • 44:14 – Conclusions

The Circus

The Circus

As Brendon says…the circus rolls on.  Some interesting clips form Senate hearings.  Watch them obfuscate, lie and squirm.

‘What Percent Of CDC Employees Are Vaccinated?’: Cassidy Grills Walensky At Senate Hearing (7 min)

Brendon says:

The CDC is empty. Apparently they are surely vaccinated, but %75 continue to work remotely. After all, Israel wants all their data. Cant have people at work. She doesn't know the vaccination rates coz she was sick with covid that day and missed the briefing ;-)

They're not worried. We'll be ready for the next round of the show and the click bait clicking and getting angry at the computer screen will roll on...they'll order everyone to roll up for extermination in special showers lit by human skin lampshades and we'll all just post a angry face to facebook. This is how it ends?

The circus show rolls on.

JUST IN: Rand Paul Tells Fauci He Changed Website To ‘Cover Your Ass’ On Gain-Of-Function Research (9 min)

KEY 5 min Update: Dr Peter Doshi * Associate Editor of the BMJ * (6 min)

Here is an Associate Editor of the British Medical Journal, bona fide expert in drug approval processes and associated data analysis – so cannot be censored, or ignored. Dr. Peter Doshi in an official meeting called by Senator Ron Johnson, gives a crucial 5 minutes calling for a return to critical and rational thinking. A hugely important discussion that all critical thinkers should be having. DOWNLOAD it here for sharing: https://we.tl/t-cNRYql6pAv Original link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3aZd6…

This gentleman says that it should be called “a drug”  rather than a “vaccine” and he is entirely correct but I prefer the designation than Jonathan Jay Couey  uses as he has correctly termed it as a transfection.  


This is Eli the computer guy and he is feeling rough…..he has just had his booster and is making this video.  I left this comment underneath:

I hope you and your wife will remain in good health. As a Senior Chemist (industrial) I have a diploma in OHS and it is absolutely disgusting that injuries are not recorded and that no one is taking responsibility or liable as they have indemnity. Hope you are OK bro, because my research is telling their are long term problems. If you have any headaches, brain fog or pains take aspirin. Good luck and thanks.

He mentions the Sackler family Jewish immigrants to the United States from Galicia (now Ukraine) and Poland who built an Empire of Pain based on opiates such as Oxycontin or “hillbilly heroin”.

This is not about your health…..these people do not care about your health.