Extreme Solar Storm

Extreme Solar Storm

Surprise!  A solar storm is possible during a solar minimum.

Cosmogenic Radionuclides Reveal An Extreme Solar Storm 9125 years BP – The Implications Are Amazing! (10 min)

Ancient solar storm smashed Earth at the wrong part of the sun’s cycle — and scientists are concerned https://bit.ly/3rwzVg9 Cosmogenic radionuclides reveal an extreme solar particle storm near a solar minimum 9125 years BP https://go.nature.com/331rHD7 Ice cores reveal huge solar storm struck Earth around 660 BC https://bit.ly/3B0XEbb 774–775 carbon-14 spike https://bit.ly/38Zg14b

Extreme Solar ‘Tsunami’ Found Deep Inside the Earth Raises Superstorm Fears (10 min)

February 5, 2022: Deep beneath the ice in the Earth’s polar regions, researchers have found signs of an enormous solar ‘tsunami’ that blasted Earth’s atmosphere more than 9,000 years ago. This superstorm was triggered by a wave of hot solar plasma and magnetism, and it is significantly larger than anything recorded in recent history.

  • 00:00 Chapter 1-Solar Tsunami Discovered Deep in the Earth
  • 02:44 Chapter 2-Ice Cores Reveal Radioactive Nuclides
  • 04:16 Chapter 3-Solar Superstorm 774 AD
  • 06:08 Chapter 4-Downward Solar Flare-Supra Arcade (SAD)
  • 08:13 Chapter 5-Megaflash Phenomena

The Pole to Equator Waves of Energy (3 min)

Doomsday glacier cyclones winter storms (58 min)

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