Sudden Doctor Deaths

Sudden Doctor Deaths

Ninety Canadian doctors have died suddenly or unexpectedly since the rollout out of the dangerous and ineffective Covid-19 mRNA “vaccines,” according to the research of Dr. William Makis, MD (Gettr:

…without any investigation by the organization saddled with protecting its physician members, the Canadian Medical Association (CMA). Shockingly and to the contrary, the CMA has instead publicly stated on social media that Dr. Makis’ work is dangerous “disinformation” and ignored 2 open letters of concern with research findings from Dr. Makis. (See letters below.) Compared to the number of deaths pre-Covid jabs in 2019-2020, the numbers of deaths in 2021-2022 is exploding.

Join us for this explosive interview where Dr. Makis reveals disturbing trends within the 90 deaths, a major mechanism of vaccine injury and death, the Canadian Medical Association’s conflicted dismissal of the deaths, mainstream media collusion and the attacks on Dr. Makis himself for bringing such important information to the world.

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[INTERVIEW] 90 Sudden or Unexpected Canadian Doctor Deaths -Dr. William Makis, MD

Extreme Solar Storm

Extreme Solar Storm

Surprise!  A solar storm is possible during a solar minimum.

Cosmogenic Radionuclides Reveal An Extreme Solar Storm 9125 years BP – The Implications Are Amazing! (10 min)

Ancient solar storm smashed Earth at the wrong part of the sun’s cycle — and scientists are concerned Cosmogenic radionuclides reveal an extreme solar particle storm near a solar minimum 9125 years BP Ice cores reveal huge solar storm struck Earth around 660 BC 774–775 carbon-14 spike

Extreme Solar ‘Tsunami’ Found Deep Inside the Earth Raises Superstorm Fears (10 min)

February 5, 2022: Deep beneath the ice in the Earth’s polar regions, researchers have found signs of an enormous solar ‘tsunami’ that blasted Earth’s atmosphere more than 9,000 years ago. This superstorm was triggered by a wave of hot solar plasma and magnetism, and it is significantly larger than anything recorded in recent history.

  • 00:00 Chapter 1-Solar Tsunami Discovered Deep in the Earth
  • 02:44 Chapter 2-Ice Cores Reveal Radioactive Nuclides
  • 04:16 Chapter 3-Solar Superstorm 774 AD
  • 06:08 Chapter 4-Downward Solar Flare-Supra Arcade (SAD)
  • 08:13 Chapter 5-Megaflash Phenomena

The Pole to Equator Waves of Energy (3 min)

Doomsday glacier cyclones winter storms (58 min)

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