The 72 Kings of Hell

The 72 Kings of Hell

This video demonstrates how mythology and cultural -religious beliefs have been distorted to fit an agenda.  Remember that at the very start of the pandemic I warned that the FCS had a gematria value of 72 as does Covid19 and the word gentile.  See the short 2 min video below this one.  This is what they believe. Need I remind everyone that I was correct when I called it out two years ago?   Did anyone listen?  Very few.   

The 72 Kings of Hell: Ars Goetia – The Lesser Key of Solomon (Lemegeton) | The most powerful and worst demons of Judaeo-Christian Mythology: Demonology 1: In this video, you shall know about The 72 infernal spirits of Solomon and the 4 principal Kings of Hell: The Hierarchy of the demons of hell: The Most Powerful Infernal Demons of Judeo-Christian Lore.


Middle East Intrigue

Middle East Intrigue


Kevork Almassian is a Syrian Christian and he offers a very interesting overview on recent Middle Eastern events.

Saudi Arabia and the rest of the Gulf countries severed diplomatic relations with Lebanon, claiming that they won’t restore ties until the latter reclaim its sovereignty. But is that really the case? Kevork Almassian dives deep into the root causes of the ongoing diplomatic crisis.

The real reason behind Mohammed bin Salman’s desire to bring Lebanon to its knees (20 mins)

A number of 3 min videos from South Front explain what has been happening over the last three weeks. Notice how the media is completely quiet.

Attacks On Civilians Blamed On The Houthis Amid Battlefield Gains


Houthis Make Gains And Ma’rib City is Finally Within Reach

Zero Hour Nears In Syria’s North As Turkey Deploys Battle Tanks And More