Stop Thinking

Stop Thinking

Yes, they actually went there and told people to stop critically thinking.  Much better to follow orders and be afraid.  If nothing else watch the first ten minutes or so of this Vagabond report.  This is one of the first articles discussed:



The show notes and links can be found here



Divide et Impera

Divide et Impera

Divide and Rule.  This has all been planed. Hegelian Dialectic. Ordo ab chao and divide et impera. We are being played. People will die. Welcome to the NWO.  In 2005 they produced a game called Shattered Union.


The following videos are long but worth a watch if you want to know what is going on.  I include a short tweet here in case you do not want to watch the full David knight video. The last tweet is Klaus Schwab who is behind the WEF “Great Reset”.

We are all being played

 The Video Links

These are long videos (approx + 2 hours) and they are not on YouTube because they are banned. 

David Knight Show:

The Last American Vagabond:

The Show Must Go On…