Bio-security state

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Bio-security state

This is a really great show by Ryan but another long video (about 2.45 hours) the first section is about US foreign policy and at about 20-25 minutes discusses US support for terrorists. At about 50 minutes Ryan discuss Government plans to interrupt streaming broadcasts (mostly alt media on YouTube) with approved Government messages etc.  Very Orwellian. My favorite bit is the discussion of the  Scientific American article (at about 1.30 hrs on the second generation covid vaccines.  Below are some quotes from the article:

"But impressive as they are, these vaccines alone will likely not be sufficient to end the pandemic, experts say".

"And mRNA vaccines such as Pfizer’s and Moderna’s—touted by many as the future of vaccinology—have never previously been brought to market. “We don’t know what we don’t know".

"There are nearly 240 novel vaccine candidates in development, waiting in the wings for their moment. Here are a few that show the most potential".


Below is the video on YouTube  (he has the video on multiple platforms).

Below is  his website which includes extensive links to all the scientific articles and other video platforms in case the YouTube version above gets censored.

85% Of Masks May Contain Toxic Chemicals, Gov To Add Info During Live Streams & NYC COVID Detention