Censoring Free-speech

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Censoring Free-speech

Censorship on social media is nothing new, but it seems like the major platforms are having a field day with it lately. It’s usually in the realm of politics, but recently a few notable alternative health sites and personalities have been censored.

Green Med Info, a truly great site which documents published, peer-reviewed studies on the evidence for natural and alternative medicines, was recently given the boot from Instagram and Linked-In (to which everyone replied, “Linked-In?”). Dr. Mercola has had multiple videos recently banned from YouTube and controversial carnivore advocate Mikhaila Peterson has been demonetized on the platform. Also, during the Joe Rogan podcast’s recent switch to Spotify, Mikhaila’s interview was among the many that were conspicuously absent.

Is there another purge coming? What is so dangerous about this health information that we need to be prevented from accessing it? Join us for a rousing discussion about social media censorship of alternative health.

Health News Censorship on the Rise

These three websites were mentioned during this video conference.  I hate censorship and believe that people have the right to make up their own mind. I had a brief look at these sites and the look informative and balanced to me. Therefor they get a free promotion…..visit these sights…free plug:




Fauci Touts Vitamins for Covid?

Several physicians have been put on notice for recommending Vitamins C & D to help ‘boost’ the immune system in the age of COVID. Recently Dr. Tony Fauci admitted that he takes these vitamins and recommended them to the public. Del sat down with Dr. Sherri Tenpenny to discuss the importance of these vitamins and her new vaccine education series.


Show notes:

VAXXTER   https://vaxxter.com/

VIT D TWITTER  https://twitter.com/VitaminDCouncil

VITAMIN D COUNCIL  https://www.vitamindcouncil.org/

VITAMIN D SOCIETY  https://www.vitamindsociety.org/

In case you ever get censored here are some  other platforms:

FLOTE https://flote.app
DLIVE TV https://dlive.tv
BITCHUTE https://www.bitchute.com
Twitch https://www.twitch.tv
DISCORD https://discord.gg
PERISCOPE https://www.pscp.tv
DISQUS https://disqus.com
LBR TV https://lbry.tv/