China Story

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China Story

It looks like we are being played again.  The lockdowns in Shanghai are real and people are being detained in their apartments but there is also an element of theater and propaganda. The actual death numbers (if they are to be believed) do not warrant such draconian action. Can we believe anything that comes out of China?

This is no doubt for consumption by the West and a harbinger of what is to come gives an idea of the sheer scale of what we’re about to experience. Buckle up and get ready.

It is not over.

How Australia is paying the price for Shanghai’s brutal lockdown | 7NEWS (6 min)

Gravitas: Did just 3 people die in Shanghai due to Covid? (5 min)

China claimed today that just 3 people have died in Shanghai due to the Wuhan Virus. But reports from the city are challenging this claim. Molly Gambhir tells you more.