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Dr McCairn debunks Dr Dan Watson natural origin fairy story. At this stage there are still people pushing the “natural origin” narrative.  With all the evidence that has emerged they no longer deserve to be given the benefit of the doubt.  In my view those who support proximal origins are  IIA (Interactive Internet Agents).   This video  is a cleaned up version (believe it or not) of  the stream and I added the ABC intro (Lolz).  The section about Chinese toilets is funny.  You have to laugh about something.

Debunking Da Funk of Dr. Dan Watson (1 hr 18mins)

Here is the original video.

Big Tech is the conspiracy (8 mins)

Censorship around the origins of covid. They don’t want you to know where it came from.

Covid Belt and Road (5 mins)

Dr Kevin McCairn looks at the geopolitics of the fall of Afghanistan


Here is an interesting thread on the origins (click and follow the thread):